Created for the person that loved rock climbing and the Devil's Tower was his favorite location.

The family provided a sketch of what they wanted, and our designer went to the internet to get the perfect images to use for the 3D Urn.

Request a quote if you have a 3D Cremation Urn in mind.

Devil's Tower - 3D Cremation Urn
Devil's Tower - 3D Cremation Urn
Devils Tower 3D Cremation Urn

Did you know almost anything is possible when customizing a 3D Cremation Urn with Eturnal Memorials?

We can create almost anything that a family would like.  Some parts of an urn are not recommended due to the fragile nature of them.  An example of this would be railing on a boat.  Any very small pieces that are on a model have a higher chance of breaking during shipping.  We will let you know if there are any issues with the urns requested.